Digital Marketing Training Curriculum
From February - April 2022, all Launch candidates have completed a series of digital marketing introductory workshops that cover the basics of marketing strategy and presentation skills.

For the first 3 weeks of their summer, all candidates will complete 150+ hours of skills training in digital marketing. See an overview of what they will learn below. All training is completed before day 1 of their internships.

Note: due to the fact that most training occurs in May & June, candidates you interview may not be able to answer detailed technical questions about all of these concepts yet.

Week 1 of Summer Training (May 23 - May 27)
In Week 1 of Launch, we familiarize students with core aspects of digital marketing and brand identity. Beginning with company branding, copywriting, and principles of design, we highlight the tenets of visual and textual communication in relation to brand ethos and voice. We end the week by examining web development and conversion rate optimization to round out students' understanding of an organization's digital foundation.

Week 2 of Summer Training (May 30 - June 3)
We shift our focus to distinct channels in Week 2, covering organic and paid social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and incorporating influencer marketing as well. Later in the week, students gain experience in email marketing with Mailchimp and paid search advertising with Google Ads. Week Two places a heavy emphasis on audience targeting and customer development.

Week 3 of Summer Training (June 6 - 10)
    In Week 3 of Launch, we build on paid search with the practice of keyword analysis and search engine optimization. Students learn how to appraise digital performance on Google Analytics and assess competitors' practices before compiling comprehensive marketing reports at the end of the program.

    Throughout all of Launch, professionalism is taught with a special focus on communication skills (emails, standups, process walkthroughs, presentations) as well as organization and planning skills.

    Internships begin on Monday, June 13th 2022.