Launch Internship Program
Get paid to learn in-demand skills and put them to use at an internship this summer.
Learn software engineering, digital marketing, data science, or user experience (UX) design this summer. Then go rock a high-impact, exciting internship that we'll find for you. Our company partners know we train students with today's cutting-edge tools and tech, so they don't offer these internships anywhere else. Best of all, after tuition you'll still walk away with $2,000+ at the end of the summer.
Access exclusive internships that we find for you.
Gain access to dozens of vetted internship opportunities only available to Launch students. Our team sends 35,000+ emails and makes 2,000+ phone calls to find and vet our company partners each year. Over the past four years, we've built valued relationships with 100+ companies, many of which offer internships only through Launch.
We don't partner with just anyone - we ensure that each company partner will provide real, meaningful projects for interns to work on. We get to know each company and work with their team to create a detailed internship profile full of info that lets you picture what it would really be like to work there. Each profile includes details about the team, pay rate, and workplace culture so you can evaluate if it's the right fit for you before you apply. Once you're accepted into Launch, there's not a full commitment to the program until you confirm an internship you love.
Learn modern, in-demand skills.
Get trained in the tools and technologies that professionals actually use. Our curriculum is based on what today's startups and tech firms tell us their teams need to know (it's often not what you're learning in the classroom). Our training is a big part of why we can offer internships you won't find anywhere else. That's because our company partners trust us to make sure you've got the right skills to tackle impactful and challenging internship projects.
You'll learn those skills in our 3-week intensive summer training right before you start your internship. Our training is nothing like being in a traditional classroom. You'll learn and work in an exciting, dynamic environment with a mix of instructor led lectures, hands-on group work, and individual projects all designed to let you learn by doing. Check out all of our tracks.
Here's why we created Launch.
We know finding cool, impactful internships is really hard, and it's even harder if you don't have the skills to contribute the way companies need. We also know that companies struggle to find talented interns they can trust with important projects for their business, leaving many of the most interesting companies to just not hire interns at all.
We designed Launch to tackle these challenges for both students and companies. Over the last 4 years, we've built a program that's a win-win for both:

  • New, innovative companies trust Launch to find the right people and prepare them to make meaningful contributions on high-stakes, high-impact projects. Many of our partners now offer their internships only through Launch.
  • You get trained in the skills you need to make a real impact and you get paid well to do it, enabling you to easily cover the cost of your tuition and still walk away with earnings for the summer.
  • In the future, you can command higher pay and be more competitive for jobs with your new skills and meaningful internship experience. Not to mention, many Launch interns are offered continued full or part-time work with their company after their internship concludes.

All in all, we're proud of our work in empowering interns with the skills they need to take on a challenging, rewarding internship with a company whose product or mission we believe in.
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Launch 2021 runs May 24th - August 13th.

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