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Programs We Offer
Online Skills Courses
Learn modern skills through hands-on projects. Pick one of ten options: software development, photography, data science, web design, videography, graphic design, and more.
Launch Internship Placement Program
Learn software engineering, digital marketing, data science, or UX design this summer. Then go rock a high-impact, exciting internship that we'll find for you. Best of all, after tuition you'll still walk away with at least $2,000 at the end of the summer.
Learn how to make web apps without writing a single line of a code. No background experience required. If you're not sure where to start at Forge, give Prototype a look.
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Applications close September 3rd, 11:59pm.
Forge's Launch internship placement program
Gain access to dozens of vetted internship opportunities only available to Launch students. Our team sends 35,000+ emails and makes 2,000+ phone calls to find and vet our company partners each year. Over the past four years, we've built valued relationships with 100+ companies, many of which offer internships only through Launch.

We don't partner with just anyone - we ensure that each company partner will provide real, meaningful projects for interns to work on. We get to know each company and work with their team to create a detailed internship profile full of info that lets you picture what it would really be like to work there. Each profile includes details about the team, pay rate, and workplace culture so you can evaluate if it's the right fit for you before you apply. Once you're accepted into Launch, there's not a full commitment to the program until you confirm an internship you love.
Launch Summer 2021 Internship Placement Program
Access exclusive internships that we find for you.
Launch track options
Data Science
Learn the art and science of finding, cleaning, understanding, manipulating and visualizing data.
Software Engineering
Learn the skills and confidence you need to plan, design, and build deployable software applications.
Digital Marketing
Learn the strategies and tools to run effective marketing campaigns to help any company reach their marketing goals.
UX Design
Learn the tools and techniques to improve existing web and mobile designs and create sleek, functional designs from scratch.
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Applications close September 3rd, 11:59pm.
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