Software Engineering Training Curriculum
From February - April 2022, all Launch candidates have completed a series of software engineering introductory workshops that cover the basics of Javascript and React.

For the first 3 weeks of their summer, all candidates will complete 150+ hours of skills training in software engineering. See an overview of what they will learn below. All training is completed before day 1 of their internships.

Note: due to the fact that most training occurs in May & June, candidates you interview may not be able to answer detailed technical questions about all of these concepts yet.

Semester Intro Training (February - April 2022)
In Countdown, we establish familiarity with JavaScript, React, and APIs through individual projects that reinforce lectures on the topics. By the end of the three sessions, the students will be able to build their own React SPAs with minimal guidance that implement APIs, React best practices, and design libraries like Material UI.

Week 1 of Summer Training (May 23 - May 27)
In the first week of Launch, we deepen their React intelligence by introducing topics such as MVC architecture, UX principles, and responsive design. We also introduce React Router so that the students can make more complex and dynamic applications. At the end of the week, we introduce Express and teach the students how to link their backend to their frontend and build APIs.

Week 2 of Summer Training (May 30 - June 3)
During week two, we introduce noSQL databases, specifically Firebase, and have the students integrate the database into their projects. Authentication with Firebase is also introduced and implemented with the ability to distinguish between different user types. The week finishes with a lesson on deployment and from now on the students are expected to deploy their projects on Firebase, Heroku, or Netlify.

Week 3 of Summer Training (June 6 - 10)
In week three, relational databases are introduced as are company-specific skills. React Redux may also be taught if there is time.

Throughout all of Launch, professionalism is taught with a special focus on communication skills (emails, standups, code-walkthroughs, presentations) as well as organization and planning skills (Trello, wireframing). The students will work each week in groups to practice Git and Github workflows and collaboration.

Internships begin on Monday, June 13th 2022.