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What to expect during the Launch application process.
Get ready to take the next step toward a kickass paid summer internship.
Congrats - you've completed the first of three steps in the Launch application process! Our Launch Team is already working on sending you more in-depth information about the process and the program.

Here are a few insider tips as you prepare for the next step in the application: we look for people who are genuinely interested in digging into the skills for the track they're applying for. We love working with passionate people who are hungry to learn more and are comfortable with being challenged. We look for people who are curious, respectful, positive, open minded, team-players, go-getters, and self-starters.
The Skills Challenge
If you are accepted to the next round, you'll receive an invitation to complete a Skills Challenge.
A Skills Challenge is a hands-on project you'll complete on your own in a one week timeframe. These challenges encourage you to use given resources and your own research to create something related to the skill track you're applying to. This portion of the application process also involves responding to a few short email prompts.

Overall, this is our way of seeing how you tackle problems, if you can self-teach a little bit, and if you can communicate clearly and professionally. Skills Challenges for this application round will be sent out on October 11th and are due October 18th. Learn more about our process →
Here's why we created Launch.
We think it is important to empower students to take on rewarding and impactful roles.
Finding cool, impactful internships is really hard, and it's even harder if you don't have the skills to contribute the way companies need. Through Launch, you get both the skills training and the awesome internship.

Innovative companies trust Launch to find the right people and prepare them to make meaningful contributions on high-stakes, high-impact projects. Many of our partners now offer their internships only through Launch. You get trained in the skills you need to jump in on exciting internship projects, and you get paid to do it. Learn more about Launch →
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