UX Design Training Curriculum
From February - April 2022, all Launch candidates have completed a series of UX design introductory workshops that cover the basics of the research and design process.

For the first 3 weeks of their summer, all candidates will complete 150+ hours of skills training in UX design. See an overview of what they will learn below. All training is completed before day 1 of their internships.

Note: due to the fact that most training occurs in May & June, candidates you interview may not be able to answer detailed technical questions about all of these concepts yet.

Week 1 of Summer Training (May 23 - May 27)

  1. Visual Design Principles (Recap), Figma Walkthrough, Figma Challenge, Project 1 Introduction
  2. Components, Masks, and Prototypes in Figma
  3. Day in the Life of a UX Designer
  4. Layout Design, Project Feedback and Work
  5. Project Presentation and Redo's
Week one covers a recap of Figma and layout design, as well as the introduction of the UX design track's first group project. In the latter half of the week, students will learn about the role of a career UX designer, present their project, and iterate on their designs based on feedback from classmates.

Week 2 of Summer Training (May 30 - June 3)
  1. Intro to HTML/CSS, Intro to Web Design, and Intro to Project 2
  2. The Basics of Web Design and UX Design Mini-Project
  3. Present Part 1 of Project 2, Intro to Mobile App Design
  4. Mocking Up Mobile Apps in Figma, Creating Prototypes in inVision
  5. Presenting and Iterating on Project 2
Students will be introduced to HTML/CSS and basic web design in week two. They will also complete the second group project. After presenting their project, they will iterate on their designs based on feedback from classmates.

Week 3 of Summer Training (June 6 - 10)
  1. Introduction to Project 3, Accessibility Workshop
  2. Conducting Your Own User Research
  3. Advanced Mobile App Design Workshop
  4. Prototyping Mobile Apps and Iterating Based on Feedback
  5. Presentation and Iteration
Students will engage in a more advanced mobile app design and prototyping project in their third week of training. They will also go out into the field to conduct real-world user research and testing before presenting their project to the class.

Throughout all of Launch, professionalism is taught with a special focus on communication skills (emails, standups, process walkthroughs, presentations) as well as organization and planning skills.

Internships begin on Monday, June 13th 2022.