Our Programs
We offer five programs to help you develop your skills and connect with a community of like-minded peers.
Launch Internship Program
Learn software engineering, digital marketing, data science, or UX design this summer. Then go rock a high-impact, exciting internship that we'll find for you. Best of all, after tuition you'll still walk away with at least $2,000 at the end of the summer.
Crash Courses
Learn modern skills through quick, single-session interactive workshops. Crash courses are mini versions of our classic Skills Courses, covering similar topic areas.
Skills Courses
Learn modern skills through hands-on projects in just 10 weeks. Pick one of ten options: software development, data science, UX design, graphic design, digital marketing, and more. This is the most popular way students join Forge. Applications are now open.
Impact Program
We strongly believe that what we teach and learn at HackCville can and must be used as a force for good. In our Impact program, our students put their skills to work in fast-paced short projects and initiatives. (Impact is a common next step for students who complete Launch or our skills courses.)

We work with local nonprofits, UVA student organizations, and sometimes launch initiatives of our own. Many of our projects are completed pro-bono. Impact projects include data analysis and visualization, UX research and recommendations, new marketing campaigns, custom software solutions, and more.
Forge Leadership
We hire members for key volunteer and part-time staff roles where you can make a big impact and accelerate your skills. Leadership at Forge looks different than most places: all roles are a hybrid of leading and learning new skills.

Many new members pursue leadership opportunities at Forge after their first program. It's a great chance to give back and continue to learn and grow. Plus, we offer a lot of perks to people who join our team.