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Launch Internship Program
Launch is a 12-week summer internship program that is accessible from anywhere! Program participants jump into 3 weeks of skills training in software engineering, digital marketing, or data science before being matched with an exciting, high-impact, 9-week paid internship with one of Forge's company partners.
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  • Aparna Ramanathan
    CEO, AskMyClass
    "Our intern from Forge was a quick learner and multi-skilled (she can code, design, and create marketing calendars). She communicated well and worked efficiently and to a high standard. She also had a learner's mindset and took feedback well."
  • Thompson Eberline
    Managing Director, S&P Global
    "Our interns were outstanding, delivering real value to the business and interacting with senior stakeholders, displaying maturity and skill beyond a typical college student or junior employee."
  • Betsy Minton
    Technology Manager, Teaching Lab
    "This was the second year I worked with a Forge Software Engineering intern, and my first year as their direct supervisor. Adding a forge intern to our team was a wonderful experience. They created a useable project that filled a need we didn't have the capacity to work on otherwise."
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  • "One of my favorite parts of my Launch internship was definitely making a real impact to the company and seeing how relevant that impact can be. Seeing my work displayed in the company huddle in front of 100+ people on the last day of my internship was definitely something I've never experienced before."
    Jamie Do
    Technical Engagement Manager at Yext
    Launch 2020 Data Science Student
    Launch Data Science Internship at Reonomy
  • "Launch was one of the best internship decisions I have made and it has helped me fast track my career after college. The instructors were fantastic. I think training being online was ideal and made things a lot easier for software engineering. It was a lot of work and can be stressful at times but it paid itself off and then some."
    Liam McColley
    Software Engineer at Locus Health
    Launch 2022 Software Engineering Student
    Launch Software Engineering Internship at Locus Health
  • "Launch prepared me extremely well for my internship. Without Launch, I would not have been able to impress my company so much. I learned so many skills that I used throughout my internship and will use for a long time in my career."
    Jack McMullen
    Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton
    Launch 2020 Data Science Student
    Launch Data Science Internship at Arbo
  • "Launch has been really worthwhile and I have learned a lot more than I thought I would. I really enjoyed the company and team that I was working with during my internship as well and I had a lot of autonomy to create my own projects and see them into fruition."
    Anna Brown
    Marketing Manager at Wyndly
    Launch 2021 Digital Marketing Student
    Launch Digital Marketing Internship at Wyndly