Partner with Forge for vetted & trained interns.
Launch finds the next generation of tech builders, trains them in high-demand skills, and places them in impactful internships at awesome startup and tech companies.
Be present at a top university without stepping foot on campus.
Startup and tech employers across the country access highly-skilled tech talent through Launch's internship recruitment and training engine. Over 200+ companies trust Launch to find the best interns.

You'll save time and money finding top university talent when you trust intern recruiting to Forge.
We find the best of the best so you don't have to.
Our rigorous vetting process identifies students who will excel in fast-paced, outcome-driven environments. We know how much time and resources companies have to invest in posting on Handshake, attending career fairs, and sifting through online job postings. Through our technical and professional skills training, we develop a deep understanding of each candidate to help you find the best fit for your company.
Our company partners know Launch interns are one of a kind.
  • Talie Lerner
    StreetLight Data
    "Our intern was above and beyond our expectations! She was able to pick up complex, technical marketing processes quickly and took ownership of those tasks without much guidance beyond initial training. I'm so impressed with Emma's professionalism and caliber of her work - she felt more like a full-time employee than an intern."
  • Michael Rispoli
    Cause of a Kind
    "Our intern was absolutely top notch. We didn't even think of her as an intern the entire time she worked here, she was a full on employee with all the skills we would expect to have and then some. We had an amazing experience and would highly recommend Launch to anyone."
  • Amanda Turner
    "Our intern did an excellent job on taking direction and executing in a timely fashion. She was able to reach out when she needed guidance and provide clear communication. She took feedback very well and was able to take the overall concept and provide supporting data and actionable results."
Launch by the numbers
  • 200+

    company partners since 2017
  • 9/10

    average intern quality rating from employers
  • 575

    interns placed since 2017
  • 8%

    acceptance rate for the 2023 program
We train our interns for 160+ hours before they start their internship.
Launch interns are more effective than your average intern. Students learn critical technical and professional skills through our proprietary training program so they're able to make meaningful contributions at your company.
Our skill tracks
  • Data Science: Advanced data analysis to build predictive models and manipulate large datasets to deliver impactful insights.

  • Software Engineering: Full-stack software development to build, deploy, and iterate high-quality software within modern frameworks and version control.

  • Digital Marketing: Marketing strategy, content creation, and data analysis to drive real business value.

    Roughly 85% of our internships have been remote since 2020. Our soft skills and workplace training ensures interns are just as successful remotely as they are in person - so whatever work environment you're currently operating in, Launch interns will be able to jump in without missing a step.
How It Works
We vet and train interns so you can save time and money.
Tell us about your hiring needs.
Our team will collect key details about your intern positions, candidate requirements, and your company's culture and mission.
We introduce you to select candidates.
We'll present you with a short list of interested candidates. You set up interviews and determine who you'd like to make an offer to.

We have years of experience matching interns with roles they'll excel in, and we'll work with your team to ensure that you find the best candidates for your position(s).
Payment is simple.
There is a $1,800 placement fee for each intern that you hire. In addition, we'll agree on the hourly rate for each role and then you'll pay your interns directly.

There are placement fee discounts available for nonprofits and early stage companies. We know how hard it can be to secure top talent at early stage companies, so our team will work with you to determine the best cost based on your company's size and growth trajectory. Request more information.
Interns arrive for work, remote or in-person.
Our internship period is 9 weeks, full-time, June 10th to August 9th, 2024.
Hire your interns, part or full time.
Nearly half of our interns receive return offers each year, either for part-time, contract, or full-time work. Although there is no expectation that you'll continue working with your interns, it's common for companies to find talent that can convert into part or full-time hires.
Ready to get involved as a company partner?
Impact Focus: Gender Equity
Focusing on improving gender equity in tech
Along with intern training and placement, our 2023 Launch program took a deeper dive into increasing gender equity in tech.

Over the last six years, the Launch program has grown exponentially and helped to jump start the careers of 575 students with 200+ company partners. We are excited to continue to increase our impact by putting a focus on an issue we care about: improving gender equity in tech.

Our partner companies get access to vetted, trained, and top-notch interns, along with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to gender equity. Learn more about this initiative and how to get involved.
Who runs this program?
Launch is a program of Forge, a 501(c)(3) non-profit school closely partnered with the University of Virginia. We teach critical modern skills to our highly-engaged student community of rising tech talent. Our partnerships with top professors, centers of excellence, and student organizations enable us to find and accelerate the best of the best.
How does Forge make money?
Students pay us tuition for training after they've completed their internship. This student-friendly model enables them to invest in their future and gain valuable work experience. All students earn a minimum of $3,660 after paying tuition; median take home pay after paying tuition is about $4,840.
It's important to us that all students have access to high-quality skills training and impactful job experience to build their early career. Our nonprofit donors enable us to keep tuition significantly lower than students' earnings and drastically lower than the cost of comparable programs.

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