Source Lite - Intro to Software Development
Learn the basics of how to code and create web and mobile apps.
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Course Overview
Develop basic coding skills for front-end development
In Source Lite, you'll learn the fundamentals of what goes into a modern web page, writing functional programs using Javascript and developing simple web applications using HTML and CSS. As the course progresses, you'll learn how the ReactJS framework can increase the capabilities of your software through creative projects.

Source Lite is based on experiential learning. Through coding challenges, simple web applications, and dynamic web pages, you'll learn how to use your new programming skills to launch your ideas into live web and mobile apps. You'll even finish the course with a personal website to show off your work (hint: this looks great on a resume or portfolio).

This course is designed for students with little to no coding experience
— check out Source or Source Pro if you already have some background (intro to web development/Source Lite or higher).
Skill's You'll Learn
Explore what's behind everyday technology
Learning the fundamentals of programming is a necessity in all fields today. Web development in particular helps us to connect, store and share information, complete tasks more efficiently, be creative, and have fun. Whether or not you'd like to work in web development professionally, you'll leave Source Lite with a new, fun way to express yourself, and you'll have laid the foundation of a highly valued programming background.

Basic software skills are going to become a more and more important part of all fields of work. Understanding the principles of what the modern internet is built on will help distinguish you from your peers. And, if you really like what you learn you can take your skills to the next level in Source and Source Pro, and potentially build a career as a developer or product manager.
I learned a lot from taking Source lite. I learned different languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and how to work with them together. I would recommend this intro course to my friends.
Kristina Chong
Source Lite taught me valuable information that could be helpful to someone who wants to be a CS major, or anybody who just wants to have those skills.
Ishika Khemani
Meet Your Instructor
Stephen Laming
Stephen will be your intro to software engineering guide this spring. Stephen completed the Launch Software Engineering program before teaching Source Lite last semester. This will be Stephen's second semester leading the course!

Our student teaching model means our courses are constantly changing and improving, enabling you to learn skills that are more up-to-date than what you might learn in a typical classroom.

It also means we can be better mentors and guides for you. We know where you might get stuck and how to guide you through those challenges because we've been in your shoes before. And we know what makes a lesson fun (or extremely boring), so we always design programs that we'd want to participate in ourselves.
Joining the Forge Community
At Forge, we give our people the skills they need to realize their big ideas and a community they can call home. Our courses are a great place to get to know our community, make new friends, and prepare for your future. All of our students get access to exclusive perks and opportunities beyond whatever course they're taking:
Free access to all of our member events
Exclusive networking opportunities with our alumni community
Opportunities for (sometimes paid!) projects to practice your new skills
Priority applications for Launch summer internship program
Explore more about the Forge community experience.
Dates, Deadlines, and Tuition
Spring 2022 Workshop Schedule
Source Lite meets in our clubhouse in Charlottesville, every Tuesday from 5-7pm.

This course starts the week of February 13th and continues for 9 weeks.
Time Commitment
Courses expect a 4-6 hour/week commitment. Outside of the 2 hours in workshop, you can expect to meet with your instructor weekly to get additional support (at flexible times) and to spend some time working with your classmates on projects.
Application Process and Deadlines
Spring 2022 applications are closed.

Fall 2022 applications will open this summer.

$135 Course Fee
This is less than a twelfth of the average cost of a college course*. We also offer reduced payment options on a needs-basis, no questions asked. See below for more information on our financial aid.

Do you offer financial aid?
We are committed to making our courses accessible to all. We reduce or eliminate the program fee to all students who need it, no questions asked. Our aim is to enable everyone who wants to learn and join the Forge community. This is made possible by $20,000 in generous donations from our alumni network each year.

15% of students receive financial aid from Forge. 54% of aid goes to first-generation college students, and 80% of aid goes to people of color.
What's your refund policy?
We think you'll love Forge, but if you decide you need to drop, you may request a refund within 10 days of your course's first workshop meeting time. You'll receive a full refund, less a $20 operations fee. Beyond this date, no refunds will be given.
What are your online courses like?
We know how to do online teaching right. Teaching online is not new for us - we know how to make our courses fun, engaging, and interactive. Our Skills Courses went fully online in March of 2020 to protect the health of our students and instructors. In Fall 2021, our clubhouse will reopen to the public, but we will continue to offer programming for our online community. It is important that Forge remains open and accessible to students everywhere.

Since we've moved our courses online, our student satisfaction ratings haven't changed -- 95% of students would still recommend their course to a friend.
Do I need to have any background experience to apply?
No, you don't! This course is designed for people with little-to-no background experience.
What's your climate impact?
We donate 1% of all course tuition to carbon removal initiatives around the world. We also power our clubhouse with 100% clean wind and solar power. Learn more.
I have a question that wasn't answered here.
No problem! Reach out to, and/or come to our online Open House to talk to our team and learn more.
"It's electric being at Forge. Surrounded by my people and given all the tools I need for success, I feel like I can do absolutely anything. The relentless creative energy of our students is what makes Forge unlike anything I've ever been a part of.

There is something so fundamentally special about our members that just working and learning beside them has helped me grow enormously as a leader and a learner."

- Rachel, Forge alumna
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