2021 Year in Review
Get to know the people behind Forge.
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Our Student Leaders
Meet our current 50+ student leaders that run Forge's programs, marketing, and operations. Click to jump →
Our Full-Time Team
Meet the five full-time Forge employees who lead our nonprofit. Click to jump →
Our Alumni
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Our Board of Directors
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Our Student Team
Meet some of the dozens of current student leaders that make Forge run.
Students are the lifeblood of Forge that make the organization run day to day. They are teachers, community leaders, marketers, event coordinators, and more. As vital members of the organization's structure, these student leaders make important decisions about what is happening at Forge and in their education.
Anna Grace Calhoun
Impact Director
Matt Thompson
Community Director
Eliza Blackstone
Marketing Director
Christian Jung
Courses Director
Charlie Boland
Launch Director
Laura Feng
Partnerships Director
Ishaan Dey
DEI Director
Mallory Lewis
Student Board Member
Jake Mondschein
Software Engineering Instructor
Mary Larkin Douthitt
Marketing Director
Charlotte Carey
Community Director
Avery Colyer
Impact Director
Carter Bristow
Courses Director
Sid Tickle
User Experience Design Instructor
Izzy Shehan
Data Visualization Instructor
Arjun Kumar
Software Engineering Instructor
Khushi Chawla
Data Science Instructor
Rachel Crawford
Creative Director
Charlotte Carr
Graphic Design Instructor
William Helmrath
Engineering Director
...plus 30 more teaching assistants, marketing coordinators, project leads, and more.
It's electric being at Forge. Surrounded by my people and given all the tools I need for success, I feel like I can do absolutely anything. The relentless creative energy of our students is what makes Forge unlike anything I've ever been a part of.

There is something so fundamentally special about our members that just working and learning beside them has helped me grow enormously as a leader and a learner.
Rachel Crawford, Creative Director
Our Full-Time Team
Meet the Forge full-timers - including our two newest team members, Angela and Sarah - and see how our team changed in 2021.
The Forge full-time team provides strategic direction, leadership development, and operational support.
Andy Page
Executive Director

Andy Page stepped into the role of Executive Director. Since 2014, Andy has dedicated time, energy, and heart to Forge and we're thrilled to have him at the helm.
Amanda Coombs
Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Coombs took on the position of Chief Operating Officer. Her dedication and efforts keep the whole Forge team and all of our programs running efficiently.
Kaleigh Watson
Launch Program Director

Kaleigh Watson is continued in her role of Launch Program Director. Her knowledge and experience ensure the program runs successfully every year.
Sarah Dodge
Marketing and Student Experience Director

Sarah Dodge rejoined the Forge community as a member of the full-time team. She is bringing her past Forge experience to her Marketing and Student Experience Director role.
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Angela Koukoulas
Partnerships Director

Angela Koukoulas joined the Forge team at Partnerships Director this year. Hailing from Colorado, Angela brings new perspective to the organization and is expanding our impact.
Our Alumni
The Forge alumni network spans the globe.
The Forge alumni network is made up of thousands of hard-working and innovative hustlers and ruckus-makers. From founders to software engineers to authors, our alumni network has it all. And they are bringing their diverse knowledge and experience back to Forge students as mentors and Alumni Council members.
Shafat Khan
Partnerships Manager @ Ashoka
Jen Laredo
Creative & Digital Project Manager @ Bluetext
Mike Verdiccio
Master Software Engineer @ Capital One Shopping
Emily Wu
Product Designer @ TikTok
Stefanie Van Rafelghem
Software Engineer @ Google
Daniel Autry
Product Designer @ Washington Post
Evan Lesmez
Head of IoT Development and Chairman of Sustainability @ Babylon Microfarms
Sesi Cadmus
Data Engineer @ PBS
Forge 100% prepared me for my career in a way my university couldn't. At Forge, I was able to see people pursuing non-traditional careers and that encouraged me to step off of the linear path that had been laid out for me in business school. I was given courage, confidence, and an incredible opportunity to learn by example.

My advice to current Forge students would be: You don't have to major in your passion - if you're curious about something, go explore it. Be passionate. Be curious. And say yes as much as you can. You're never going to have access to a community like this again, so take advantage of it."
Emily Wu, Forge Alum
Our Board of Directors
Forge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 46-1626349.
Brendan Richardson
Board Chairman and Co-Founder
Chip Ransler
Board Member and Former Exec. Director
Mallory Lewis
Student Board Member
Clare Carr
Board Member
Eric Martin
Board Member
Arthur Wu
Board Member
John Feminella
Board Member
New board members will be announced in 2022.