Node - Data Science Course
Learn how to build powerful machine learning models to gain insights from data.
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Course Overview
Practice modern skills and learn from the data around you
In Node, you'll learn the art and science of understanding, manipulating, and effectively using data. You'll also learn how to visualize your data and findings to share with those around you.

Through the use of real-world data, you will be able to create impactful and insight-driven projects. We'll explore the context of our data as well as the implications it has for the people it affects. You'll also be given the tools to connect data science with other interests.

This course is designed for students who have at least some experience with coding. An understanding of the basics of Python is helpful, but not required (CS 1110, Node Lite, Source/Lite, or similar).
Skills You'll Learn
Data Wrangling and Manipulation
Dynamic Data Visualization
Using Pandas, Plotly, and Sklearn packages in Python.
Machine Learning and Artificial Inteligence
Learn to use machine learning to predict outcomes
We'll also introduce you to more advanced data science techniques, such as neural networks and machine learning. Near the end of the program, you'll develop a final project of your own that puts your data science skills to the test.

You'll be able to use these skills to develop key skills in data literacy. As nontechnical positions increasingly demand data-driven insights, students who complete this course be equipped to understand how data is used in the world around you.
  • I would recommend Node to anyone that has an interest in Data Science. Node helped me build a foundation in Data Science and solidify that this is something I want to continue studying, and the class atmosphere of collaborative learning is something I really love about courses at Forge.
    Carter Bristow
  • Node definitely made me more comfortable with working with data sets. I feel like I can make something meaningful out of pretty much anything thrown at me, and I don't think I could have said that before taking this course. The projects were also very informative and a great experience booster.
    Konrad Siebor
Projects You'll Complete
Project 1: Data Ethics and Project Scoping
You'll find, clean, and analyze a dataset to learn how to visualize data to tell a story.

Project 2: Exploratory Data Analysis
You'll work to analyze data and present your findings to a non-technical audience using web applications, blog posts, or explanatory graphics.

Project 3: Predictive Modelling
You'll act as a real data science team to solve a problem in your chosen field of study.
Meet Your Instructors
Daniel Tohti
Daniel will be the instructor for Node, focusing on data manipulation, exploratory data analysis, and machine learning this spring. He has taught the course for 3 semesters and first got involved through the Launch Data Science track. His interests include rocketry, skateboarding, and going to the gym.

Our student teaching model means our courses are constantly changing and improving, enabling you to learn skills that are more up-to-date than what you might learn in a typical classroom.

It also means we can be better mentors and guides for you. We know where you might get stuck and how to guide you through those challenges because we've been in your shoes before. And we know what makes a lesson fun (or extremely boring), so we always design programs that we'd want to participate in ourselves.
Joining the Forge Community
At Forge, we give our people the skills they need to realize their big ideas and a community they can call home. Our courses are a great place to get to know our community, make new friends, and prepare for your future. All of our students get access to exclusive perks and opportunities beyond whatever course they're taking:
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Dates, Deadlines, and Tuition
  • Spring 2023 Workshop Schedule
    Node meets in our clubhouse in Charlottesville, every Sunday from 1-3pm.

    This course starts the week of February 20th and continues for 8 weeks.
  • Time Commitment
    Courses expect a 4-6 hour/week commitment. Outside of the 2 hours in workshop, you can expect to meet with your instructor weekly to get additional support (at flexible times) and to spend some time working with your classmates on projects.

  • Application Process and Deadlines
    Spring 2023 applications are open.
$135 Course Fee
This is less than a twelfth of the average cost of a college course*. We also offer reduced payment options on a needs-basis, no questions asked. See below for more information on our financial aid.

We are committed to making our courses accessible to all. We reduce or eliminate the program fee to all students who need it, no questions asked. Our aim is to enable everyone who wants to learn and join the Forge community. This is made possible by $20,000 in generous donations from our alumni network each year.

15% of students receive financial aid from Forge. 54% of aid goes to first-generation college students, and 80% of aid goes to people of color.
"It's electric being at Forge. Surrounded by my people and given all the tools I need for success, I feel like I can do absolutely anything. The relentless creative energy of our students is what makes Forge unlike anything I've ever been a part of.

There is something so fundamentally special about our members that just working and learning beside them has helped me grow enormously as a leader and a learner."

- Rachel, Forge alumna
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