Preparing students with the modern skills they need to make an impact in the world.
Forge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit school that prepares students with the modern skills they need to make an impact in the world.

Over 1,000 students each year learn things like design, marketing, and data science through fun, engaging, student-lead programs and courses. Through our programs, projects, and community, we strive to empower students to realize their own potential while creating opportunities for them to make an impact for good.
"It's electric being at Forge. Surrounded by my people and given all the tools I need for success, I feel like I can do absolutely anything. The relentless creative energy of our students is what makes Forge unlike anything I've ever been a part of.

There is something so fundamentally special about our members that just working and learning beside them has helped me grow enormously as a leader and a learner."
- Rachel, Forge alumna
Our Student Impact
We've impacted thousands of students since our founding in 2012.

students have participated in a Forge program since 2012

students take a Forge program each year
1 in 10

UVA students complete a Forge program before they graduate
Led by women
56% of our students and 62% of our student leaders are women.
There are so many things about my college experience that I owe to Forge. It's given me the opportunity to teach 50 students data science, using a curriculum I was given the freedom to design. It's given me and countless others a space to explore our ideas, everything from starting a food truck to creating a new app. It's given me the confidence to share my ideas with others. And it's given me two of my closest friends at UVA.

I know I'm not alone in this -- Forge has become a community and, in many ways, a second home, for so many people."
Anya Pfeiffer, Class of 2021, Forge Student Leader
Our Story
Forge (formerly HackCville) was founded in the summer of 2012 by a group of college students and young professionals with a common mission: creating a space for students to learn and experience things that just aren't possible in a normal classroom.

Back then, the general idea was simple: bring smart, go-getter people together and give them the space and skills to make whatever they can dream up. Our programs quickly became an attractive way for students to learn new skills and meet similarly passionate people in a low-stakes, fun environment.

We now teach the full range of modern, digital skills needed in today's world, from UX design to data science to software engineering (and much more). Over 1,000 students are involved in our programs each year, and we work with over 250 startups, tech firms, and non-profits to help us get our students into impactful, meaningful work.

Today, our community of over 2,000 thrives in both our online and in-person spaces. Wherever you are, you will always have a dedicated community in your corner.

Forge programs help students discover and develop their talents.
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Skills Courses
10-week, high-impact, part-time courses in digital skills.
Launch Summer Internship Program
High-intensity skills training paired with a summer internship at a startup.
Impact Program
Quick, high-impact projects for nonprofits and the broader Charlottesville community.
Forge Student Leadership
Our unique model empowers our students to lead Forge itself.
My favorite part about being involved with Forge is the people. Everyone I meet is extremely bright, motivated, and talented, and it was refreshing and inspiring to be surrounded by such an incredible community.
Anna Kuno
Forge does an amazing job with experiential learning, certainly in the kind of skill sets that we talk about being important in tomorrow's economy.
Brendan Richardson
As we seek to build our creative economy, Forge will play a crucial role in training and keeping talent here in Charlottesville.
Mike Signer
Forge has by far been the most rewarding thing I have done with my time at UVA. I really wish I had gotten involved sooner. There is something for everyone here. The people you meet will inspire you and you will always be learning!
Bailey Snead