Unparalleled career opportunities
A cutting-edge platform connecting top-notch talent with career opportunities exclusively available to our community.
Let your dream job find you
Say hello to your future career without the endless job search. The Talent Board opens the door to job and internship opportunities available exclusively to the Forge community. No more resume black holes or unanswered applications. Our candidates get noticed by high-growth companies actively seeking your skills and potential. Step into your future with Forge Talent Board.
Why companies hire from Forge
  • Jonathan Brinson
    "As an early-stage startup founder, Forge makes it easy to find great talent that are eager to get involved. Couldn't reccomend them more!"
  • Elli Papadopoulos
    Skopos Collective
    "Forge gathers bright, high-achieving college students who want to learn and do great work, which is not an easy audience to find when you're a small business with limited HR resources."
  • Andy Page
    "Forge is hands-down the best way to source the highest caliber of talent in the most time efficient manner."
Our track record
  • 200+

    Our network of hiring partners include over 200 companies from a wide variety of industries.
  • 575

    We've helped over 500 college students and young professionals get hired in jobs and internships.
  • 11 years of experience

    Founded in 2012, we have over a decade of experience in helping students launch their early careers.
Our hiring partners
We partner with companies from all industries and stages -- from early stage startups to Fortune 500
What makes the talent board different
Your dream job is within reach
Showcase your skills, passions, and aspirations, and let our company partners come directly to you.

  • Stand Out: Unlike platforms like LinkedIn or Handshake, the Forge Talent Board puts you in the spotlight, allowing your dream role to find you.
  • Meaningful Connections: Say goodbye to the frustration of low response rates on online job postings. Our company partners are ready to hire and will never leave you hanging.
  • Leverage Our Network: Our vetted hiring partners are trusted members of our community, providing you with a network of opportunities that you can trust.
  • Inclusive Teams: Forge is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. Companies hire through us because they're looking to support a more inclusive tech community.
How It Works
We flip the hiring script so that hiring managers find you.
Create a free talent board profile.
Begin by creating a free Talent Board profile. You'll have the opportunity to add your resume, skills, and indicate whether you are actively searching or just looking to network.
Let hiring managers find you.
The Talent Board flips the hiring script by allowing companies to initiate conversations with you, instead of the other way around. Hiring managers come to Forge because they know they'll find talent that they can't find anywhere else. They will be able to find you based on hiring criteria (e.g., skills, location, experience).
Express mutual interest.
If a company is interested in connecting with you, you will receive an email notification. You will have 48 hours to decide if you'd like to connect with them to schedule an interview. If you're interested, we'll make the connection. If not, we'll take care of letting them know.
Interview and find the right role for you.
It's time to set up an interview. The hiring manager will move you through the interview process. And if it's a match made in career heaven, they will make you an offer.
Update your profile any time.
If you find your dream job, simply update your profile to indicate that you are no longer actively looking. If not, you can leave your profile on to continue connecting with companies. Either way, once you create a talent board profile you will be able to use this tool to find your next role when you're ready.
Ready to find your next role?