Join a community.
Learn modern skills.
Make an impact.
Forge is a community-owned school that prepares you for today's world with the life and tech skills you need to succeed.
Our programs help you discover and develop your talents.

Forge looks different than your typical club, school, or community.
That's because we're a unique mix of all three.
Most of our programs are led by students like you. We believe that's a better way to learn.
What happens when students run their own school?
Our student teaching model means we are more agile than any university or big company and can transform our programs quickly as the world changes. It also means we can be better mentors and guides for you. We know where you might get stuck and how to guide you through those challenges because we've been in your shoes.

This also means the programs we offer are constantly changing and improving, enabling you to learn skills that are more up-to-date than what you might learn in a typical classroom. And we know what makes a lesson fun (or extremely boring), so we always design programs that we'd want to participate in ourselves.
No grades or tests, ever.
Shouldn't learning new stuff be fun?
We know we might be the first experience you have with a new skill, whether it be software development, graphic design, digital marketing, data science, or anything else that we offer. We love to make these experiences fun, safe, exciting, and free of traditional academic pressures or prerequisites.

That's why accessibility to all students is so vital to us. Regardless of your financial situation, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or even your past experiences - you have a place here.
We create opportunities for you to put your new skills to work.
Why wait to make an impact on the world?
We believe that people with the skills to make positive change have a responsibility to do so. That's why our curriculum, projects, and partnerships focus on how we can positively impact our communities.

The opportunities abound - from analyzing climate change data in our data science courses to learning digital marketing skills to help local businesses survive the impacts of COVID-19. Whatever you choose to do, we'll introduce you to ways you can use what you learn at Forge to make a positive impact today.

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Our Sponsors and Hiring Partners
Brendan Collins
College Recruiter at Google
[Forge] is an incredible institution and like nothing else at any university we work with.
Emily Wu
Forge Alum, UVA '19
Forge 100% prepared me for my career in a way my university couldn't. At Forge, I was able to see people pursuing non-traditional careers and that encouraged me to step off of the linear path that had been laid out for me in business school. I was given courage, confidence, and an incredible opportunity to learn by example.
Thompson Eberline
Managing Director, S&P Global
Our interns were outstanding, delivering real value to the business and interacting with senior stakeholders, displaying maturity and skill beyond a typical college student or junior employee.