Crash Course
Software Engineering
Learn Software Engineering and rock a software engineering project for Babylon Micro-farms that you can add to your resume.

Applications close on December 23rd.
Program Overview
Software Engineering Skills
Learn essential programming concepts including logic structuring, API integration, and user interface design. Gain hands-on experience understanding databases, deploying applications, and managing the software creation process.

Professional Skills
Learn how to work on a software development team. Participate in daily stand-up meetings, collaborate with peers in code creation, and refine presentation skills for effective stakeholder communication.

Portfolio Development
Create a polished portfolio project by addressing a real business challenge at Babylon Micro-Farms. You'll develop a customer support chatbot, enabling their sales team to dedicate more attention to customer needs by providing initial assistance through the chatbot interface.
Collaborate with Babylon Micro-Farms
An innovative startup revolutionizing the world of cleantech and vertical farming.
Using advanced agricultural technologies, Babylon Micro-Farms creates smart, indoor farming systems that produce high-quality crops year-round. Their focus on sustainability and efficient resource utilization is reshaping the future of food production.

Build a custom software product for Babylon Micro-Farms:
  • Solve real business challenges. Collaborate directly with Babylon Micro-Farms to tackle a real-world business challenge.
  • Develop a custom software product. A chatbot specifically designed to enhance customer support and the customer service experience.
  • Present your project to the Chief Technology Officer. Showcase your software product directly to Babylon's CTO, gaining exposure and valuable feedback on your project.
Babylon Micro-Farms co-founders Alexander and Graham are Forge alumni.
During their time at the University of Virginia, Alexander and Graham were members of Forge. They even created their first hydroponic farm prototype using wood from behind the Forge clubhouse! Now, Babylon Micro-Farms operates vertical farms across the US, including in UVA's Runk and Newcomb dining halls.

Over the past 7 years they have worked hard to build a successful startup business, employing almost 50 individuals in Richmond, Virginia.

Babylon currently operates in more than 30 states with clients such as IKEA, LinkedIn, Neiman Marcus and more. They have raised $8.6 million in venture funding and $2.5 million in grants. In 2023, Graham and Alex were named on Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list to recognize their work in Social Impact.
Meet Your Instructors
  • Byron Richards
    Lead Software Engineering Instructor
    Byron, a fourth-year Computer Science major at the University of Virginia, brings a wealth of experience in software engineering. He currently serves as a Software Engineer at IT Concepts while also contributing as a Teaching Assistant within UVA's CS department. Last year, he excelled as a Teaching Assistant for our Launch Software Engineering program. Byron will leverage his expertise and leadership this year to serve as the Lead Instructor for both the Launch Software Engineering program and Crash Course program.
  • Simon Anderson
    Software Engineering Teaching Assistant
    Simon, a third-year Computer Science major at the University of Virginia, is deeply involved in the tech space. His roles as a Teaching Assistant in UVA's CS department and an Executive Board member at Project Code highlight his dedication to fostering a tech-driven community. After a successful internship as a Software Engineer at CommonLit in the Launch program, Simon will return as the Teaching Assistant for the Launch Software Engineering program. He will be guiding and supporting you as the TA throughout the Crash Course Program.
What You'll Gain
Training on Key Software Engineering Skills
Dive into practical lessons covering foundational software engineering concepts. Learn the ins and outs of software development, focusing on coding, debugging, and problem-solving.
Guidance from Experienced Instructor Team
Receive dedicated mentorship from an experienced instructor team. Our instructors bring a wealth of real-world experience, providing valuable insights and guidance. Benefit from their expertise as they help navigate complex technical challenges and offer strategies for successful project execution.
Opportunity to Develop a Custom Software Product
Engage in a project-based learning environment. Collaborate directly with Babylon Micro-Farms to craft a custom software solution. This hands-on experience involves understanding client needs, designing, developing, and deploying a customer support chatbot.
Build Your Resume and Portfolio
Craft a tangible project that showcases your capabilities. As you complete the Crash Course program, you'll create a polished and impactful project for Babylon Micro-Farms. This achievement becomes a valuable addition to your resume and portfolio, highlighting your technical and problem-solving skills.
Tools You'll Learn
You'll learn the cutting edge languages and tools used by professional software engineers.
This Program Benefits
This program is designed for aspiring software engineers. You will benefit from this program if you are motivated to learn software engineering skills and concepts and want to be able to create custom software products. This program is best suited for beginners.

It is recommended that you have completed at least one introduction to computer science course at either the high school or university level to enroll in the Crash Course. If you're not sure whether this program is right for you, send us an email at
Crash Course Schedule
The Crash Course will take place on Zoom. Sessions will be synchronous and you will collaborate with teammates virtually.
Dates: January 2nd, 2024 to January 12th, 2024
Time: Daily, Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm, EST

  • Morning Sessions (9 AM - 12 PM): Lectures, demos, and lessons covering software engineering concepts.
  • Lunch Break (12PM - 1PM)
  • Afternoon Sessions (1 PM - 3 PM): Dedicated project work time with guidance from instructors to build your chatbot for Babylon Micro-Farms
Tuition for the Crash Course in Software Engineering is $900. Tuition includes instruction on key software engineering principles and the opportunity to develop a custom software product for Babylon Micro-Farms.
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