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I cried when I got my offer letter to join ENSCO. Forge helped land my career. I successfully went from serving tables to engineering Machine Learning Algorithms, and the education at Forge had a huge part to play in giving me the skills to do that. Words can't express how grateful I am for you all saying yes to my Launch Application. Please know that you've helped change my life, and I owe everyone at Forge a big thank you for all that you've done to help me get to where I am today. Keep changing lives, you guys rock!
Donald Cooper
Forge Alumnus, Product Engineer @ ENSCO
My favorite part about Forge is the connections; I felt like my New York dreams were so much closer than before having connected with Forge. They have such an elaborate network and so many people with different skill sets willing and able to help me think about internships, jobs, and more. I felt like I had a group of people I could ask to help me try something new or go somewhere new.
Nicole Quinn
Forge Alumna, Senior Data Scientist in NYC
It's electric being at Forge. Surrounded by my people and given all the tools I need for success, I feel like I can do absolutely anything. The relentless creative energy of our students is what makes Forge unlike anything I've ever been a part of.

There is something so fundamentally special about our members that just working and learning beside them has helped me grow enormously as a leader and a learner.
Rachel Crawford
Forge Member, Creative Director
Launch was extremely fun, but more importantly, extremely helpful. Now I have the technical skills and valuable professional skills that can be applied to any position at every level that I will get to.

I also made tons of great connections and bonds with my Launch cohort and other people within Forge. It was an amazing experience and I am excited to be more involved with Forge in the future!
Daniel Tohti
Forge Member, Launch Intern
Forge is one of the biggest reasons why I say I love school. The mentorship and advice it has offered me has been unparalleled to anything else I've ever taken. The community is both incredibly driven and passionate about everything they do.
Daniel Autry
Forge Alumnus, Senior Product Designer @ The Washington Post
Forge 100% prepared me for my career in a way my university couldn't. At Forge, I was able to see people pursuing non-traditional careers and that encouraged me to step off of the linear path that had been laid out for me in business school. I was given courage, confidence, and an incredible opportunity to learn by example.
Emily Wu
Forge Alumna, Product Designer @ TikTok
As a rising second year, I feel that Launch Internship Program is going to jumpstart my data science career and I know I'm going to carry the knowledge I learned in Launch throughout the rest of my life.
Serene Lu
Forge Member, Launch Intern
The network of motivated people is unlike anything else at my university. You can always find someone interested in something new and exciting which is inspirational and can come in handy.
Tyler Wagner
Forge Alumnus, Professional Services Engineer
There are so many things about my college experience that I owe to Forge. It's given me the opportunity to teach 50 students data science, using a curriculum I was given the freedom to design. It's given me and countless others a space to explore our ideas, everything from starting a food truck to creating a new app. It's given me the confidence to share my ideas with others. And it's given me two of my closest friends at UVA.

I know I'm not alone in this -- Forge has become a community and, in many ways, a second home, for so many people.
Anya Pfeiffer
Forge Alumna
At Forge, I get to be part of a group of highly motivated and fun people who I can learn from, connect with, and be friends with. Not only am I part of an incredible community, I also get to build my network and have access to job opportunities and leadership opportunities. Forge is setting me up for personal success as well as professional success!

But the best thing about Forge is being part of a group of people I feel comfortable around and connect with who value me as a person.
Carter Bristow
Forge Member, Courses Director
I love the endless amount of resources and guidance Forge offers. From having members or staff take 5 minutes to sit down and talk to me, to endless workshops throughout the semester, to the random email and text messages - everyone genuinely cares about one another.
Nina Satasiya
Forge Alumna, Data Engineer
Our Launch interns were outstanding, delivering real value to the business and interacting with senior stakeholders, displaying maturity and skill beyond a typical college student or junior employee.
Thompson Eberline
Managing Director, S&P Global
Forge is an incredible institution and like nothing else at any university we work with.

Brendan Collins
College Recruiter at Google
I love the Launch program - the training the interns receive is really helpful. Our Launch intern was incredibly efficient, smart, fun, and creative and I could not believe the speed with which she knocked things out!
Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen
Director of Marketing, Silverchair
There's no doubt that my time in Forge helped me cultivate both my technical skills in data science and my leadership skills. I've had countless opportunities to just try new and crazy things and just run with it. I think Forge does a great job of empowering everyone to experiment and find things that they are really good at!
Christian Jung
Forge Member, Courses Director
My favorite part about Forge is getting to know everyone in my class and in the overall community. It is unique to find a collection of such innovative and motivated people. The resources offered by Forge for any sort of project you may want to embark on are extremely useful, especially for those who have limited experience in entrepreneurship.
Mark Martinkov
Forge Alumnus, Investment Banking Analyst
I learned a lot and had fun during Launch. I also think that Forge and Launch continue to do a great job with the professionalism aspect of each student. While UVA hard skill courses teach a lot of theory and hard skills, Forge really builds the ability for students to be successful in the real world, and that is one area where Forge is unmatched. Period. Another area that Forge is unmatched in is really truly caring about each and every student.
Cooper DeVito
Forge Member, Launch Intern
Overall, my favorite part of Launch has been getting to be a part of Forge and meeting so many cool, hard-working people. I love all of the Forge instructors, full-timers, and TAs. There's just this engaging and enthusiastic atmosphere at Forge that I really fell in love with throughout the course of this program. Every interaction I've had, every project I've been assigned has felt genuinely meaningful and fulfilling, both in my personal and professional life. Thank you all for such a great experience! I couldn't have found a better way to spend my summer as a rising 3rd year, especially after a year of remote-learning weirdness!
Ashley Park
Forge Member, Launch Intern
Launch was so much fun and so informative. I feel like I learned more here in the past three weeks than in my entire marketing class at my university. It's great to have such hands on work and be able to get firsthand experience with so many different tools and resources.
Helen Bechler
Forge Member, Launch Intern
Launch truly helped to equip me with the technical and professional skills that I need in order to be successful in my internship and beyond in future opportunities. The teaching staff and model allowed me to explore my interests and develop a much better understanding of digital marketing and all that goes into it. Launch overall was such a rewarding experience and I'm so appreciative of the skills I learned, people I met, and the internship/company that I was matched with.
Mary Larkin Douthit
Forge Member, Launch Intern
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Premise shared an intern spotlight on LinkedIn about their success hiring 9 summer interns from Forge.

In 2022, Premise worked with Forge to hire interns from Columbia University, UVA, Virginia Tech, and George Mason University to support their Data Science, UX, Product, and both front and back-end Engineering teams.
Arbo shared a press release about their success hiring 3 summer interns from Forge and the projects interns were able to work on over the summer.

In 2022, Arbo worked with Forge to hire interns from UVA and Virginia Tech to support their Marketing, Data Science, and Engineering teams. Two of the interns were also able to stay on and continue working with Arbo part-time during the 2022-2023 school year.
Hospitality Innovations shared a LinkedIn post welcoming 3 summer interns from Forge onto their team.

In 2022, Hospitality Innovations worked with Forge to hire interns from UVA and the University of Michigan to support their Software Engineering team.
Resi shared a LinkedIn post welcoming their summer intern from Forge onto their team.

In 2022, Resi worked with Forge to hire a Digital Marketing intern from UVA. After the internship, Jaidyn joined the Resi team as a full-time Digital Content Manager.
buyVerde CEO Briana Hart recommends hiring summer interns from Forge in an interview with UVA's McIntire School of Commerce.

In 2022, buyVerde worked with Forge to hire interns from UVA to support their Data Science and Software Engineering teams.
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