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What to expect during the Launch application process.
Get ready to take the next step toward expanding your skills and landing a paid, high-impact internship.
Congrats - you've completed the first of three steps in the Launch application process! Our Launch Team will be in touch within one week after the application deadline to provide information on what comes next.

Here are a few insider tips as you prepare for the next step in the application: we look for people who are genuinely interested in digging into the skills for the track they're applying for. We love working with passionate people who are hungry to learn more and are comfortable with being challenged. We look for people who are curious, respectful, positive, open minded, team-players, go-getters, and self-starters.
The Skills Challenge
The second stage of our application process gives you the opportunity to get hands-on.
A Skills Challenge is a hands-on project you'll complete on your own in a one week timeframe. These challenges encourage you to use given resources and your own research to create something related to the skill track you're applying to. This portion of the application process also involves responding to a few short email prompts.

Overall, this is our way of seeing how you tackle problems, if you can self-teach a little bit, and if you can communicate clearly and professionally. If you are selected to complete the Skills Challenge, you will receive instructions from our team one week after the application deadline. Learn more about our process →
Here's why we created Launch.
We provide students with the opportunity to build their skills and gain experience with impactful, innovative companies.
We created Launch because we know finding cool, impactful internships is really hard, and it's even harder if you don't have the skills to contribute the way companies need.

In training, we'll prepare you with the tools you need to collaborate with a team, navigate roadblocks, and problem-solve on the job. That means that when you start your internship, you'll be ready to work on real projects to help execute your company's goals — most of our companies tell us they give our interns work they'd normally give to a full-time, entry level employee.

We've built relationships with 200+ innovative companies that know that we find the best of the best and train them with today's cutting-edge tools and tech. Our vetting and training process takes care of the heavy lifting for companies to find candidates, eliminating the need to post internships on Handshake or invest time and resources into attending career fairs. Learn more about Launch →
Payment & Tuition
We think it is important to empower students with the opportunity to invest in their future.
All Launch internships are paid. Launch internships pay between $21-29/hour, or about $7,560-10,440 total before taxes and tuition. In 2023, the median pay was $24/hour and median take home pay after paying tuition was $4,840.

If you're matched with an internship through Launch, you'll go through our training program, get paid for your internship, and then pay back your tuition.
Launch has provided a transformative experience for 575+ students over the last seven years. Our unique training and internship placement model is a proven investment into our students' future earning potential. We've seen the ways in which it can drastically grow students' technical skills, professional networks, and confidence. It's important to us that the Launch program is accessible to a broader community of students.

We understand that every student's circumstances are unique, so we offer aid for a limited number of students with significant and demonstrated financial need. At this time, only students receiving financial aid from their college or university are eligible to apply for financial aid for the Launch program.

If you would like to apply for aid, please email to request the application.*
Learn more about payment & tuition →

*You still need to also complete the standard Launch application by the usual deadlines to be considered. All Launch applications are reviewed entirely need-blind.
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