Launch Internship Program
Launch Curriculum
With a mix of soft and technical skill training,
our Launch curriculum will jumpstart your career.
Build skills for your future career
During Launch training, you'll learn both the soft and technical skills needed to succeed in your summer internship. Our training is divided into two parts: Countdown and Summer Training. Countdown is the soft skills and introduction to technical skills training that occurs before the start of the program. Summer Training is the three week hands-on training that focuses on building expertise in your chosen field.

The skills you develop during Launch training are also directly transferable to future jobs and internships. Many Launch students also develop a portfolio of their work to share at future interviews.
Soft Skills Countdown
During soft skills countdown, you'll learn how to write and format a resume, best practices for interviews, how to craft a profile on LinkedIn, verbal and written communication skills, and professionalism in the workplace.

Soft skills countdown training provides an opportunity for you to build professional skills for use in your Launch internship experience, as well as in any future jobs or internships.
Technical Skills Countdown
During technical skills countdown, you'll receive an introduction to your selected field (Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, or Data Science) and the skills that will be covered during summer training.

Technical skills countdown training provides an on-ramp to get you ready for intensive summer training, regardless of starting point. After countdown, you'll begin summer training ready to put your skills to work in hands-on projects.
Summer Training
In summer training, you'll dive deep into your selected field (Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, or Data Science), learning by completing projects that simulate the real working environment. You'll also learn how to communicate your ideas in a professional manner.

The skills built during summer training provide a toolkit for success in your internship. Summer training will take place from May 22nd-June 9th, 2023, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm ET. Summer training is fully online.