Launch Internship Program
Launch Digital Marketing
Learn how to produce integrated marketing campaigns, from start to finish.
About the Digital Marketing Program
What You'll Learn
In Launch Digital Marketing, you'll learn how to execute market research, marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and data analysis. We'll also cover the basics of design. You'll be trained in the modern tools, software, and content creation techniques marketing professionals use to drive real business value.
After Training You'll Be Able To
  • Understand your customer and design campaigns to target them.
  • Evaluate competitors to make informed marketing decisions.
  • Execute organic and paid social media marketing using tools like Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Create engaging email campaigns in Mailchimp.
  • Make creative assets using tools like Canva and Figma.
  • Use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase visibility.
  • Generate business insights using Google Analytics.
  • Increase website traffic with Google Ads.
  • Organize and schedule content on a calendar using Hubspot.
Tools You'll Use
You'll learn the cutting edge tools and technologies used by professional digital marketers.
Hear from Launch Digital Marketing students
  • Jessica Wen
    Launch Digital Marketing
    "I thought everything about Launch was great! My instructors were amazing, the other students in my track were fun and supportive, and the full-time staff were incredibly helpful when they gave their feedback on our projects (also super helpful and supportive during the matching process as well). Training was a great experience, and it seemed to pass so quickly. I feel like I learned a lot of valuable skills and getting matched to an awesome internship was the cherry on top."
  • Helen Bechler
    Launch Digital Marketing
    "Launch was so much fun and so informative. I feel like I learned more here during the three weeks of training than in my entire marketing class in the commerce school at my college. It's great to have such hands on work and be able to get firsthand experience with so many different tools and resources and to then go put them to use in the real world."