Launch Internship Program
Launch Software Engineering
Learn to make fully functional web applications with modern languages and frameworks.
About the Software Engineering Program
What You'll Learn
In Launch Software Engineering, you'll learn how to work with a team to build, deploy, and iterate high-quality software with modern frameworks and version control. During training you'll work on several sample projects to learn how to meet user and client requirements. You'll also be trained to work efficiently as a developer and to quickly pick up new tools and frameworks.
After Training You'll Be Able To
  • Develop robust web applications with React, a popular modern Javascript framework.
  • Find meaningful API data.
  • Implement REST API backends with Express.
  • Create databases with Google Firebase.
  • Track changes and collaborate with team members using GitHub.
  • Deploy web pages.
  • Understand and implement all parts of the Model-View-Controller design.
  • Use scrum from the agile development framework to set and achieve goals.
  • Learn how to work with clients from project proposal to final presentation.
Tools You'll Use
You'll learn the cutting edge languages and tools used by professional software engineers.
Hear from Launch Software Students
  • Cooper DeVito
    Launch Software Engineering
    "I learned a lot and had fun during Launch! I think that Forge and Launch do a great job with professional development for each student. While my college hard skill courses teach a lot of theory, Forge really builds the ability for students to be successful in the real world and that ability is unmatched. Period. Forge is also unmatched in really, truly caring about each and every student."
  • Luke Xue
    Launch Software Engineering
    "Launch is a wonderful program filled with highly ambitious students. It pushes you to improve very rapidly and sets you up with a support network and work experience to back that effort up. Launch has put my foot in the door for so many tech opportunities and given me the tools to speak with confidence to other developers."