Launch Internship Program
Impact Focus: Gender Equity in Tech
Along with intern training and placement, our Launch program takes a deeper dive into increasing gender equity in tech.
Increasing our impact through Launch
Over the last seven years, the Launch program has grown exponentially and helped to jump start the careers of 575 students with 200+ company partners. We are excited to continue to increase our impact by putting a focus on an issue we care about: improving gender equity in tech.

Why gender equity? Women are underrepresented in both leadership and technical roles; and women-led companies receive only 2% of venture capital funding compared to male-led companies. We are now focused on how the Launch program can contribute to make the playing field more even. Learn more about why gender equity is important to us.
How Launch helps bridge the gap
Launch provides mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities dedicated to closing the gender gap. In addition, we support companies committed to gender equity and educate students on these issues.
We commit to:
  • Increase the gender diversity of our intern candidate pool, particularly amongst women.

  • Increase the number of women-led and founded companies who partner with Launch.

  • Partner with companies and founders that are demonstrating a commitment to improve gender equity at their organization.

  • Increase empathy and awareness among students for challenges related to gender equity and solutions to create change in their future careers.
2023 Impact Focus Results

of Launch company partners are women-focused (women-founded, women in leadership).

Women made up 71% of the Launch Data Science program in 2023, up from 44% in 2022.

Women made up 32% of the Launch Software Engineering program in 2023, up from 23% in 2022.
What this means for Launch students
Students of all gender identities are welcome and encouraged to participate in the program. The criteria that we look for is a genuine interest in learning about issues surrounding gender equity and learning how to affect change in your future career.

All students in the Launch program are trained on gender equity and bias, which enables them to carry this knowledge into their future career to have a positive impact on company culture and leadership. In addition, we know that diversity goes beyond identity. There is value in having a diversity of perspectives, lived experiences, and backgrounds on every team.
What students gain from this focus
In addition to the soft skills support, technical training, and internship placement that the program has always provided, all students will have access to –

  • Education including panels led by women founders and professionals active in this space, training in navigating gender equity issues in the workplace, and more.
  • Mentorship opportunities with professionals that are passionate about gender equity.
  • Internship opportunities at companies that are committed to improving gender equity.
  • Connections to a broader network of 575+ Launch alumni.
What this means for Launch company partners
Over the last seven years, we've built relationships with 200+ company partners that have helped to provide meaningful experiences for our students.

We're excited to continue partnerships with existing Launch companies who have already provided meaningful experiences for our students. Partner companies continue to have access to vetted, trained, and top-notch interns. Partners who participate in the program also demonstrate a commitment to gender equity.
Company partners that support our impact focus
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